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Local Moving Service

PBTP Moving Company Fort Worth has performed residential and commercial relocations throughout Fort Worth for years. We understand local moving, and how to overcome any obstacles that can arise. Traffic congestion, limited parking, and narrow streets are all things that plague local moving, and are also things our movers can work around, including navigating a moving truck into the tightest spaces. Custom or historic architecture is not a problem, as each of our local movers understands the care and precision required to protect both home and furniture. Bulky or odd shaped furniture is also not a problem, as we have the necessary equipment to move any piece out of any home. Our unmatched skills, and A rating, allow us to lay claim to the title, best local moving company.

When you move yourself, you will have to start boxing up items weeks ahead of time. Working in teams, we can have your entire household boxed and ready to move in no time.

Whether you are moving from one apartment to another, would like assistance assembling furniture or are heading to your dream home and need to have your four-bedroom household moved, we are here to help. We offer free estimates, so call us today at (817) 945-9099 to see how affordable our services are.

We are your professional local moving company with an objective to provide smooth and hassle-free moving. We have been providing flawless service to family, friends & neighbors for many years and know how challenging a local move could be and once you hire a professional mover, you would find everything so easy. Not only we take the trouble out of moving but also take pride in working within your budget.

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